At First Class Payment Systems we serve every industry's payment processing needs.


It is crucial for retailers to accept all major credit cards to fully realize their business potential. Having to turn away customers due to not accepting even one form of payment is the difference of having a repeat customer or losing the customer to a competitor that does accept all forms of payments.


First Class Payment Systems will help your restaurant get started with a vast array of POS terminals designed for your restaurant needs. We can also give you the ability to accept all major dining and club cards, to help bring in new customers and keep them coming.


First Class Payment Systems provides a full range of quick, secure payment solutions and reporting methods designed for independent gas stations and convenience stores. Accepting Fleet and Wright Express Cards can drive more business and set you apart from your competitors.


First Class Payment Systems offers specialized services for the lodging accommodation industry. We understand the need to accommodate front desk management along with back office operations.


First Class Payment Systems understands the need for one of the fastest growing trend in payment acceptance. Our internet solutions are designed to help small and large merchants offer secure internet shopping to their customers easily and cost-effectively. Our internet processing solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition and tackle the uncertainties of online retail to help grow your share of the e-commerce market.


Businesses are no longer confined to a physical location anymore, they are looking to maximize the capabilities of their advanced mobile device to make everyday tasks, including payments, more convenient. Smart phones can do everything from credit and debit card-based mobile payments to loyalty programs and coupons. First Class Payment Systems will help you get the most up to date technology and most secure mobile processing solutions to help you move your business forward anywhere at anytime.


It is now possible to accept all forms of payments where ever your business takes you. We offer a large selection of wireless terminals that will give you a competitive advantage to secure that sale each and every time.

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